halloween preview

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audrey decided early on that for halloween she wanted to be rainbow dash from my little pony. actually, she really wanted to be an equestria girl but we talked her out of it because i was pretty sure no one would get what she was, because it’s pretty much just a little girl with colorful clothes and brightly colored hair. so rainbow dash it is.

usually i like to try to make something at least semi-homemade but this year, with being pregnant and all, i didn’t have the energy and audrey fell in love with this costume we found at party city, so it’s all good. it’s pretty cute and it made her so happy to wear it, i couldn’t resist.

hopefully i can persuade her to choose a costume that can coordinate with her baby sister next year. i’m thinking wizard of oz. i’ll be glinda, audrey will be dorothy, baby sister will be the lion and alex would be the tin man. although, knowing her she’ll be pretty headstrong and determined to be something from disney jr. happy halloween!