corn maze, pumpkin patch and more

i feel awful. i have been horrible about posting on this little blog. life has been crazy and hectic with audrey starting a new school and all the fun activities that come with fall. we are just trying to keep up! on sunday we all felt well enough to head to a fall festival at homestead gardens in davidsonville, md. i was really excited about the corn maze and the kids loved it! audrey was running through the maze yelling, “it’s windy!” as the corn stalks rustled in the wind. she had a great time. in between running around and picking up stray corn, max and audrey were holding hands all over the place. we encouragee them a little bit in the beginning, but they didn’t need much convincing. they were happy to hug, hold hands and whisper secrets :) it was an awesome fall day!
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 IMG_0028 edit   IMG_0021 edit


 audrey pumpkin patch IMG_0056 IMG_0057  IMG_0058IMG_0039 edit  IMG_0063 IMG_0065


just keep swimming

audrey took her first swim lesson with alex on saturday. she was a little hesistant but by the end of it was loving it. i love watching all the little kiddos in the pool. audrey kept saying, “what their name?” over and over. it kills her if she doesn’t know everyone’s name.


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in other audrey news, she became supergirl today :)

IMG_9850 IMG_9863 edit 2


funny dreeisms

i’ve been very bad about writing down the funny sayings dree has said recently bc they are coming fast and furious but here are a few:

audrey saw her friend wearing a patriots shirt and he said “i like the patriots” audrey replied “i like the ravens and the simpmons” (aka the simpsons)

audrey loves the book “some bugs”. in it there is a stink bug and the ladybug is holding it’s nose next to it. audrey always says, “ladybug doesn’t like stink bug. he says peeeee youuu!” because of this book she informed me that she wanted to be a stink bug for halloween. we compromised and she’s going to be a ladybug.

on our way into the grocery store at 8 am on a saturday (outside within earshot of people i might add)
audrey- “where are we going?”
me- “to the store to get something”
audrey- “to get BEEERRRR?” then.. “dada drinks beer!”

as I was putting her in bed
audrey- “this is my office” and pointing to her stuffed animals “and these are my work friends”

IMG_9550 IMG_9562  IMG_9597

audrey’s “all about me” board that i made for her classall about me


clickin moms is holding their first conference in salt lake city this weekend. i really really wanted to go, but it didn’t work out this year. thankfully they are live streaming some of the sessions! i was inspired to do a mini photoshoot with the dree today and her beautiful quilt that her nana made her for her birthday last year today. i love this blanket. it’s so awesome that we have this beautiful heirloom to keep for generations to come!

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audrey’s first day of preschool!

today was audrey’s first day at preschool and we were a wreck. ok, it was just me actually. audrey was fine. we got an awesome report when we picked her up: she played nicely, got a sticker for listening, being the first to line up and was the first to clean up! we were so proud!! and, no accidents! i’m so relieved that she had such a good first day. happy first day of school to all the kiddos today!photo 1 (1)photo 3IMG_9528IMG_9533

catching up- 4th of july and last weekend

this has been a super busy summer. can you believe it’s almost august? i’m starting to panic about the summer being over! let me share some of our pictures from the fourth. it was a low-key holiday for us where we hung out at home and then watched the fireworks from crystal city. they had food trucks and emily and gulliver tagged along!

IMG_6198 IMG_6203IMG_8922 IMG_8928 IMG_8959 IMG_8970 edit IMG_8972 edit.jpg IMG_8978 IMG_9003

last weekend we headed down to charlottesville to see friends and visit a brewery and winery. turns out charlottesville is a perfect middle meeting spot from richmond, dc, and roanoke! we went to pippin hill farm and winery. let me tell you, this place is gorgeous. you’re immediately transported to europe when you pull up. it was hot as the dickens, but still an amazing time!
IMG_9175 IMG_9176IMG_9130IMG_9115IMG_9156 editIMG_9090IMG_9087 editIMG_9078

what i’m loving right now

photo 2look at those pigtails!

mini audrey update:
she says scared now. to many that might not seem like a big deal, but for me my heart breaks a little every time i hear it. she is never really “scared” it’s always only said when she wants to get out of something “i’m scared of the potty!” but now there’s no more “gared” that was such a cute word!

she says “yeyah” like she’s little jon. it’s hilarious when she says it when she’s upset. “will a yogurt covered pretzel cheer you up?” audrey-“yey-yahh!”

also a computer is a “beputer”. as in, “i gotta work on my beputer”. she has insisted on bringing it with her in the car every morning on the way to daycare. sometimes she’ll say, “i gotta get some work done”IMG_8865

she’s been trying to negotiate with us lately. if it’s time audrey’s nape or bedtime she’ll say, “ok in 8 minutes. ok fine- ten minutes!” 

stadium seating for viewing the world cup

here are some other things i’m loving right now:
10 tricks to appear smarter during meetings. these are surefire ways to get ahead ;)

along the same lines, alex shared this video with me: a teleconference in real life that is his life!

rbg’s dissent turned into a song– i could listen over and over! also, this notorius rbg tshirt is joining my waredrobe

these american flag jellos— so cute!

i love reading inspirational weight-loss stories like this one. she lost 135 lbs in one year! it makes my weightloss journey seem like a walk in the park! her story is an amazing one.

anyone who loves chipotle this is for you: 49 thoughts you have in chipotle aka oh-muh-god-i-luv-chipotlay

i love a good boozy popcicle  or cocktail snow-cone, or a margarita float?

this article about the toddler phase made me a little nostalgic for a this phase and we’re just entering it! i’m already thinking it’s moving too fast. i’m going to blink and she’s going to start kindergarten.

how to make choco tacos at home. yes, let’s do dis.

this picture on barkbox’s instagram is so cute. and this one, and this one. oh and this guy always warms my heart, and this picture is super cute too.

‘i would love to take audrey to paris, like yesterday, so these pictures make me a little jelly :)

these celebrity doppelgangers from the old days are so crazy.

and, there’s a petition to change reagan airport’s name to the tim howard airport. i can support that! oh and things tim howard could save


day trip to chesapeake beach and father’s day

what do you do when you really want to get to the beach but you only have a day? you drive to the bay! chesapeake beach, md is less than an hour away, so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and head over there for the day. it’s a quick, easy 50 minute drive, and you are barely on the highway! i can see more trips to this beach or one of the others close to it in our future. audrey had way too much fun to not go again. IMG_8296here she is so excited to get going! don’t you love this cute dress? it’s from target!IMG_8416 editdoesn’t the beach look so calm and peaceful? it was, except there were no calming sound of waves, but that’s ok. next time i’ll play that sound on my iphone :)IMG_8320 editIMG_8300 IMG_8306she loved splashing around in the water, and even though it wasn’t a real “beach”. i loved feeling comfortable with no big waves and deep waters. it was a stress-free, relaxing afternoon. IMG_8385IMG_8329alex wasn’t too jazzed about a bikini, but i couldn’t resist!IMG_8355 edit
IMG_8366 edithere she is bringing water to the hole she dug. every time she “successfully” dumped off the water she would yell, “hooray, i did it!”IMG_8414 edit.jpgand then she made a friend!IMG_8441 IMG_8446
on father’s day we headed up to maryland to spend time with family. that is, after we gave alex his cards and his gift, a gift certificate to grape and bean, his new favorite beer store!IMG_8459audrey fell in love with some fish,IMG_8465and she continued to yell “hooray!”IMG_8471 editIMG_8481 editIMG_8496
here’s the adult table (with audrey’s my little pony) :) the kids had a really good time. jesse was flopping around in the tunnel calling himself the blue worm. the younger kids loved it. thank you for playing with the little ones, jesse! IMG_8514IMG_8527IMG_8552
i hope everyone had a great weekend!