our first trip to the north carolina state fair

wow. when the south does state fairs, they mean business. this fair is HUGE. our little arlington fair could fit in a small corner of the nc state fair. i was in heaven. i really do love fairs. my inner kid comes out and i get excited for audrey to experience it all. finallyshe is at an age where she can go on some rides by herself and she really got into it after some convincing to go alone. the wiggle wurm was her first ride alone and probably her favorite.IMG_4909 edit

IMG_4910 edit

IMG_4921 edit
we also let her try a game! and she “won”!IMG_4937 edit

IMG_4947 edit 2
after a couple rides it was quickly turning dark so we got some cotton candy and headed home. IMG_4961 edit
of course, one trip to the fair wasn’t enough. we had to go again over the weekend to get in a few more rides. even though we went early on sunday morning, it was still super crowded. i thought the crowd was going to be small because of church, but i was so wrong. luckily most of the lines moved quickly and audrey was very patient. our friends joined us so audrey had a friend to ride some rides with!
IMG_5114 edit

IMG_5143 edit

audrey was so excited to get her face painted, as she always is. this beautiful butterfly was painted in about 2 minutes. i was amazed! it was well worth the $15 to see the smile on her face!
IMG_5154 edit

IMG_5202 edit

IMG_5217 edit

IMG_5244 edit

IMG_5250 edit
popcorn and ice cream!IMG_5265 edit

IMG_5307 edit

IMG_5323 edit

day trip to chesapeake beach and father’s day

what do you do when you really want to get to the beach but you only have a day? you drive to the bay! chesapeake beach, md is less than an hour away, so we decided to pack a picnic lunch and head over there for the day. it’s a quick, easy 50 minute drive, and you are barely on the highway! i can see more trips to this beach or one of the others close to it in our future. audrey had way too much fun to not go again. IMG_8296here she is so excited to get going! don’t you love this cute dress? it’s from target!IMG_8416 editdoesn’t the beach look so calm and peaceful? it was, except there were no calming sound of waves, but that’s ok. next time i’ll play that sound on my iphone :)IMG_8320 editIMG_8300 IMG_8306she loved splashing around in the water, and even though it wasn’t a real “beach”. i loved feeling comfortable with no big waves and deep waters. it was a stress-free, relaxing afternoon. IMG_8385IMG_8329alex wasn’t too jazzed about a bikini, but i couldn’t resist!IMG_8355 edit
IMG_8366 edithere she is bringing water to the hole she dug. every time she “successfully” dumped off the water she would yell, “hooray, i did it!”IMG_8414 edit.jpgand then she made a friend!IMG_8441 IMG_8446
on father’s day we headed up to maryland to spend time with family. that is, after we gave alex his cards and his gift, a gift certificate to grape and bean, his new favorite beer store!IMG_8459audrey fell in love with some fish,IMG_8465and she continued to yell “hooray!”IMG_8471 editIMG_8481 editIMG_8496
here’s the adult table (with audrey’s my little pony) :) the kids had a really good time. jesse was flopping around in the tunnel calling himself the blue worm. the younger kids loved it. thank you for playing with the little ones, jesse! IMG_8514IMG_8527IMG_8552
i hope everyone had a great weekend!

astro doughnuts

today was a very tasty day. if you haven’t been yet, you need go to astro doughnuts on g street asap. you won’t be disappointed, especially if you get the usa doughnut. it’s practically your patriotic duty during the olympics :)IMG_5816making her selection:IMG_5817which one should we choose??Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetclockwise from top left (pb &j, raspberry and blueberry usa, maple bacon, and nutella)IMG_5820 IMG_5833we resisted the urge to get sriracha wings, but they were on the menu!

zoo lights

zoo lights is a fun place especially when it’s 50 degrees outside in december! audrey loved it, especially the flowers. she kept saying “mer flowers to go!” in dree language “to go” just means it’s something that she likes a lot and she wants more of it. we let her hang out with the flowers for a long time and she loved that they changed color.  IMG_3544IMG_3627IMG_3600 editIMG_3534IMG_3624IMG_3565 editIMG_3574 editIMG_3638

apple picking!

last sunday was a perfect day to go apple picking at homestead farm and it turns out audrey is a pro! she was a busy little worker bee and collected tons of apples. she even found her own basket and put it in the wheelbarrow. she was also considerably more excited about the animals this year as well. she was the most excited to pet the baby goat; she was meh about the pigs. we can’t wait to take her apple picking again soon; maybe to the place alex used to go as a kid. stay tuned…

apple 2 edit

apple 3 edit 2apple 5 edit

apple 4 8 x 10 apple 6 edit


apple 7 edit 2apple 12 editIMG_9502 apple editIMG_9519

apple 11 edit

IMG_9536 IMG_9534

our weekend

yards park has free concerts every friday in the summer for a fun family “night out”. this friday we decided to go because they were having a dmb cover band. there’s a food truck, a drink stand (for beer, wine, etc) and you can’t beat the view. we figured it might be hard to get audrey to sit for the entire 2 hour show but it would be worth a shot. she actually did well, we made it through about half of it before we had to leave. on our way out we let her splash around in the wading pool and we were home by bedtime. i wish we had discovered this before the end of the summer! there are only 2 left :(

industrial looking building on the way to yards park

people starting to gather; the event staff even has a corn hole game out for anyone that wanted to play.

yards park aug 13

IMG_8290 IMG_8302
audrey started dancing when the music started
pepe food truck did not disappoint although it was a bit pricey.

lookin at the boats
boats are hanging close to hear the tunes
audrey met a friend and i just now realized that he looks like a mini alex. weeeiiirrdd.
the lawn got really crowded pretty quick; good thing we got our spot!

this is the bridge you cross as you leave. pretty cool looking as the sun sets.

the remainder of the weekend was pretty low key: i organized and cleaned mostly on saturday, we went to the playground, and visited with some friends for the evening. then on sunday we went to sticky rice for dinner.
IMG_8325 IMG_8329
of course we got the tots
dree was pleased with the tots.
and she was also happy that they provided some entertainment. there were mulitple tvs with toy story playing.
i decided to try something new instead of my normal sushi order and ordered the mongolian beef with udon noodles. the portion was deceivingly huge.. i came home with half of it, but it was really tasty.

side note: audrey has this habit of giving strangers the dirtiest of looks when they try to talk to her, and the more they try to make dree like them, the more she stares daggers. this happened at sticky rice when a woman kept making silly faces at the dree to try to get her to laugh. audrey’s face immediately fell and she glared at her for minutes until her nose started bleeding. literally. it was quite a dinner.