about me

hi! welcome to my blog. my name is michelle and this blog is about my life here in washington, dc with my lovely (most of the time) husband, alex and our wonderful ball of energy we call audrey (the dree). oh and our first son, cooper (the puggle) occasionally makes an appearance too.

our story up until this point was pretty simple. here are the highlights:

girl meets boy: at a Christmas party in december 2006. we began dating and eventually moved in together.

after months of begging i finally broke alex down and convinced him to get a dog. cooper arrived on a plane from arkansas on may 20, 2009. we love him so much, even though he tends to make messes everywhere he goes. he’s has a sweet soul and he’s forgiven very quickly for his silly antics.


then, on an awesome trip to california that august we got engaged

and then we got married in september 2010.

then something amazing happened. a little girl named audrey made her arrival on november 26, 2011, and every day gets better and better.


actually, she looks like this now:


thanks for stopping by.

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