our first trip to the north carolina state fair

wow. when the south does state fairs, they mean business. this fair is HUGE. our little arlington fair could fit in a small corner of the nc state fair. i was in heaven. i really do love fairs. my inner kid comes out and i get excited for audrey to experience it all. finallyshe is at an age where she can go on some rides by herself and she really got into it after some convincing to go alone. the wiggle wurm was her first ride alone and probably her favorite.IMG_4909 edit

IMG_4910 edit

IMG_4921 edit
we also let her try a game! and she “won”!IMG_4937 edit

IMG_4947 edit 2
after a couple rides it was quickly turning dark so we got some cotton candy and headed home. IMG_4961 edit
of course, one trip to the fair wasn’t enough. we had to go again over the weekend to get in a few more rides. even though we went early on sunday morning, it was still super crowded. i thought the crowd was going to be small because of church, but i was so wrong. luckily most of the lines moved quickly and audrey was very patient. our friends joined us so audrey had a friend to ride some rides with!
IMG_5114 edit

IMG_5143 edit

audrey was so excited to get her face painted, as she always is. this beautiful butterfly was painted in about 2 minutes. i was amazed! it was well worth the $15 to see the smile on her face!
IMG_5154 edit

IMG_5202 edit

IMG_5217 edit

IMG_5244 edit

IMG_5250 edit
popcorn and ice cream!IMG_5265 edit

IMG_5307 edit

IMG_5323 edit

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