audrey has been loving the book called “some bugs” for the past few months. the main character is a ladybug who meets a bunch of different bugs including a bee and a stink bug. audrey wanted to be a ladybug from the beginning and then it was decided pretty quickly that alex would be a stink bug. i made his costume out of duct tape and cardboard. at the last minute i decided to be a bee because my catepiller costume did not pan out. ugh. cooper was a bat. not quite a bug but close enough. we all had wings :) wings on a harness is the only kind of costume we can get him to wear!

even though audrey has been celebrating halloween for 3 weeks now with several parties, a trunk or treat, and a parade, she was still pumped to go knock on doors on actual halloween. she yelled very loudly “happy halloween!!” to everyone walking by. she was pretty helpful when handing out candy, as well. then when it was all over she said, “when we’re older we can be the incredibles for halloween!”

IMG_0350 edit IMG_0352 edit IMG_0360 editIMG_0368 edit IMG_0381 IMG_0399 crop edit IMG_0414 crop edit IMG_0417 IMG_0420 editIMG_0444 editIMG_0434 edit

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