what i’m loving right now

1x1.trans {happy weekend!}

how can i start out this week’s “what i’m loving right now” post without mentioning the historic DOMA case that brought me to tears this week. this news not only made my week, it quite possibly made my whole year! i was a skeptic- i never thought i’d see the day. just to give you the warm and fuzzies check out this cool visual history of the fight for marriage equality.

regardless of this great event, i’ve still had kind of a blah week personally. so much is going on in our world but i haven’t had much to post about. well, that is if you don’t count audrey refusing to go to bed every night until 9:30 pm! oh yeah… that happened. i’m exhausted. correction: we’re exhausted. at least she fell asleep by 7:40 pm last night and slept like the sweet babe she is. thank god. it only took a quick trip to the doctor to get some moral support. we did find out that she has what seems like is on the tail end of an ear infection- poor babe.

we do have a fun weekend planned- a trip to a vineyard and grilling out with friends. hopefully i’ll have some fun pictures to share.

here are some other things i’m loving right now:
i am really drawn to light installation artwork so when i saw this “interactive cloud”  i was blown away. it has over 15,000 light bulbs and motion detection technology. pretty cool that a bar would commission an artist for this.

this is a story about a man who came to the united states from uganda in search of an education. he had to come here in the middle of the night and leave everything behind. but he can skype! this is very touching. his story is here.

this is a great way to create a visual bucket list. remove the post-it from the wall when it’s done. super cute and a great way to involve your kids!

what i learned when i stop yelling at my kids is a pretty interesting read.

i want to get audrey a tent. this one is so cute!

if you’re a mom and you haven’t read “quit pointing your avocado at me” by glennon of momastery, you need to. now! :)

happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “what i’m loving right now

  1. Oh my gosh – such great links. I loved the What I Learned When I Stopped Yelling at My Kids. Thank you so much for sharing that (and for linking to my bucket list!) I hope you all are having a great summer!

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