what i’m loving right now

i’m totally loving this super cute happy hour companion. yesterday i would have said i’m loving the return of warm weather and sunny skies finally… but not that’s not the case today! today it’s pouring and it’s super depressing. hopefully it’s a quick rain, and back to sunny skies tomorrow.


photo (48)
other things i’m loving right now:

THE RETURN OF REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY. the original and the best, in my opinion. i know everyone has their favorites and most people love  beverly hills or new jersey better, or atlanta (if you’re my husband) but i just love the drama between tamra and vicki more than anything. and the addition of heather dubrow was genius. she brings the snark, for sure, and that i love.  i mean, c’mon does it get any better than this? my favorite quote of the season so far from heather: “i really need to get control of that man” when her husband was asking if the appetizers were from costco.

hmmm what else am i loving? oh yes….the trend of pink rugs! i’m totally getting on board with this one. sorry honey!

i am loving all the recipes from a beautiful mess, such as the tasty looking  birthday cake martini and strawberry + angel food ice cream

this dress for dree is so freakin cute. i love the spring. it opens up such fun clothing options!

did you know that you can bake rice? i didn’t, but i tried it last night and it’s super easy. no more stressin over cooking rice because i almost always over/under cook it and those instant microwave pouches are just NOT as good! seriously, this recipe has saved my life.

i normally don’t love crafty, cutesy stuff for the home but this lost sock organizer is striking my funny bone.

betty white + wine glass.

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